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Title : (3 Pack) Premium Antarctic Krill Oil – Promotes Joint Health, Beautiful Skin, and More – with Omega-3s EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin – Premium Krill Oil Supplement – No Fishy Taste – Krill Softgels
Description : IN STOCK, SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! More Potent than Fish Oil, and No Fish Burps! You know about the dozens of published studies that tout the benefits of fish oil, improved joint health, improved cardio, improved mental function, reduced inflammation, etc. In fact, if you had to choose just one high quality supplement to add to your diet it would have been fish oil. But pure Krill Oil is even more powerful, easier to take, has additional benefits you can’t get from regular fish oil, and won’t give you the dreaded fish burps. Our Premium Nutrition Krill Oil softgels have more Omega 3’s than fish oil and more importantly has phospholipids and astaxanthin unlike fish oil. We offer a premium product, at an amazing price! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, please message us for a full refund or exchange!
Features :

  • PURE – Our wild caught Antarctic Krill contains essential Omega 3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA that your body can’t produce on its own, as well as phospholipids and the important super-antioxidant, astaxanthin that aren’t found in traditional fish oil.
  • BRAIN- Higher than average phospholipids means more bang for your buck. These key lipids are important for fighting age related cognitive decline.
  • HEART- Now well known for their amazing cardiovascular benefits, the Omega 3’s in Krill oil can be found at higher concentrations than typical alternatives. Working in synergy with Phospholipids the Omega’s in Krill are more absorbable than those of fish oil.
  • JOINTS- Krill oils powerful anti-inflammatory effects can help decrease joint pain while increasing mobility.
  • SATISFACTION – If you are not completely happy and satisfied with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to message us for a full refund or exchange!

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Brand: Premium Nutrition
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