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Astaxanthin 10mg 120 Softgels Powerful

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Title : Astaxanthin 10mg 120 Softgels Powerful all Natural Antioxidant & Carotenoid High Purity Extra Strength Aids Eye, Brain, Joint, Skin, Heart Health & Anti-Aging (up to 4 months supply) by Dr.Health
Description : Astaxanthin is a naturally-occurring carotenoid found in microalgae. It causes the pink or red color in salmon, trout, shrimp, lobster, crab and other seafood. Carotenoids are pigment colors that occur in nature and support good health. Astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant with broad health benefits. It is FAR more potent than many other antioxidants. A 2007 Japanese study found astaxanthin exhibited the most potent singlet oxygen quenching activity among the antioxidants tested. It was: • 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) • 550 times stronger than green tea catechins • 75 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid • 5 times more powerful than beta-carotene. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. *Consult your physician before beginning any dietary supplements.
Features :

  • Astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant supernutrient and free radical scavenger from Marine red algae that can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help anti-aging through preventing cellular breakdown, optimizing cellular function and reducing DNA damage
  • Supports the immune system and healthy skin, eyes, joints, muscles, and tendons as well as cardiovascular function, cognitive function, the nervous system and male fertility.
  • Recommended by many healthcare professionals as a dietary supplement for daily intake to maintain a good overall body condition, natural and health look of the skin, help maintain eye and brain health, ect.
  • Natural source from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, gluten free and GMO free; manufactured in the USA by FDA and cGMP certified factory
  • High concentration of 10mg per softgel. 120 softgels per bottle, can be a 4-month supply

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Brand: Dr.Health
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