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AUTOPHAGY: Extended Water Fasting Is


Title : AUTOPHAGY: Extended Water Fasting Is The Powerful Secret of Healing and Anti-Aging Using Your Body’s Natural Intelligence
ASIN : 1720141630
Description :

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Say goodbye to dieting and fasting fads that have supposedly worked and to say hello to the process of “autophagy.” Meaning “self-eating” in Greek, this phenomenon is more than just the latest fad in health science; it’s a revolutionary way of understanding the body and is backed with actual science.

Receiving the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2016, scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi discovered the secret mechanisms of autophagy. Not only has his research helped us to understand a function in our body that was once shrouded in mystery, but it also helped us to understand how we can help regulate our body’s response to stress such as starvation to help extend our longevity.

In AUTOPHAGY: Extended Water Fasting is the Powerful Secret of Healing and Anti-Aging using Your Body’s Natural Intelligence, we explore the history behind autophagy, how it works, and how it will change your life!

You will learn:

  • What autophagy is and how it helps you LIVE LONGER!

  • How you can use autophagy to IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH.

  • Multiple ways to ACTIVATE autophagy.

  • Three ways to OPTIMIZE the effects of autophagy.

  • How to get the benefits literally WHILE YOU SLEEP!

  • Learn about the added BONUS of WEIGHT LOSS!

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