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Benevolent Liquid Biotin 5000 mcg

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Title : Benevolent Liquid Biotin 5000 mcg – Infused with Coconut Oil for 5X Absorption, Non-GMO & Vegan Friendly Biotin for Hair Growth Glowing Skin and Strong Nails, Hair Growth Products, Biotin Supplement
Description : The only Liquid Biotin enhanced with Coconut Oil on Amazon – Ultimate Absorption.

Premium Quality: 100% FREE of Alcohol, Sugar, and Gluten. Made in the USA.

STOCK UP NOW WHILE PRICES ARE LOW! Special price is in effect to celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated product – this price will never appear again after the launch period is over. The product will be gradually marked back to its regular price of $25.0 during the next few weeks.
Features :

  • ✔ THE ULTIMATE ABSORPTION! This is the only COCONUT OIL enhanced BIOTIN on Amazon in LIQUID form. LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS get absorbed 2X-3X better than capsules, and the added COCONUT OIL ensures you get the most B7 for your money. B Vitamins are better absorbed when consumed with Vitamin C and dietary fat. Coconut helps in the faster absorption of nutrients and antioxidants!
  • ✔ ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR BIOTIN IS OUR SUPERB FORMULA! We have HEARD your concerns about your OVERALL HEALTH; and we LISTENED. And we are proud to offer you a one of a kind formula of biotin as it is entirely ALCOHOL, SUGAR, and GLUTEN FREE!
  • ✔ THE BEST SOLUTION EVER FOR BITTER TASTE! No more mixing your supplement with smoothies or juices to mask the less than desirable flavors! No more bitter or aftertaste as our formula is infused with Stevia which makes our Biotin sweet in taste. ✔ NEVER WORRY ABOUT SWALLOWING PILLS AGAIN! Our biotin is in liquid form which allows you to easily digest, absorb nutrients faster, customize your dosage and has a longer shelf life.
  • ONE PRODUCT MANY NAMES – professional strength hair growth supplement 60 tablets postnatal vitamins facial dry scalp dandruff virgin kit moisturizer hardener hairtamin vitaminas para el cabello 50 plus volumizing volume thinning natrol extra itchy organic thickening conditioner propecia pills urban deep conditioning sulfate drops beauty products smoothing grow hairanew thicker fuller 10000 biotine strengthening thickener damaged its crecimiento a healthy high potency non gmo product

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