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Berserker Formulation: Kriger Red –


Title : Berserker Formulation: Kriger Red – Pre-Workout Energy Powder w/Creatine, Agmatine, Nitric Oxide, Beta Alanine – Fruit Punch 30 Servings
Description : The Best Preworkout powder on the market for men and women! KRIGER RED uses a precise formulation of proven, researched ingredients along with the newest developments in Energy, Pump, Focus, and Recovery! You can expect: -Huge pumps from Nitric Oxide (N.O.) production using the newest combination of N.O. Boosters. -More Reps, Higher strength, and more stamina. -Lazer Focus with the Nootrpopic formula. -Faster recovery. When shopping for a Pre-workout, you want one that: Boosts Energy Increases Power & Strength, Aids Muscle Growth, Enhances Focus, Delivers Intense Muscular Pumps, Slows Down Muscle Fatigue, and Maximizes Workout Performance. KRIGER RED does all of that. This Pre-workout powder ensures that each second spent in the gym is utilized to the fullest. Each scoop of KRIGER RED provides ingredients that are engineered to harness all your energy towards each workout. KEY INGREDIENTS: BETA-ALANINE: DELAYS FATIGUE BY PREVENTING LACTIC ACID FROM HITTING YOUR MUSCLES TOO FAST. AIDS IN BUILDING MUSCLE MASS & BOOSTING WORKOUT PERFORMANCE AGMATINE SULFATE: HELPS YOU ACHIEVE A MUSCULAR PUMP & INCREASED NUTRIENT DELIVERY BY INCREASING NITRIC OXIDE LEVELS DICAFFEINE MALATE: ENHANCES MENTAL FOCUS, & ENERGY WHILE DELAYING FATIGUE HUPERZINE: AIDS MENTAL CONCENTRATION & ALERTNESS WHILE EXERCISING SUPPORT NUTRIENTS: B-VITAMINS SUPPORT ENERGY SYSTEMS AT REST AND DURING EXERCISE. NIACIN (B3): SUPPORTS VARIOUS FUNCTIONS FOR THE DIGESTIVE & NERVOUS SYSTEM. AIDS IN REMOVING TOXINS FROM THE LIVER. PYRIDOXINE (B6): IMPROVES COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS, CIRCULATION OF BLOOD VESSELS, PURIFIES YOUR LIVER, & SUPPORTS SKIN HEALTH B12: DUBBED “THE PAINKILLING VITAMIN”, B12 PROVIDES YOUR BODY WITH ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES. HELPS PRODUCE RED BLOOD CELLS, WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL FOR PROVIDING OXYGEN TO YOUR MUSCLES. KRIGER RED puts you in position to go hard each workout session. Get ready to endure intense pumps, new muscle growth, and more energy than you’ve ever experienced!
Features :

  • When using KRIGER RED, you will be able to perform more reps, have huge pumps, and more energy during your workouts!
  • The Nootropics in the KRIGER RED formula allow increased focus, allowing you to feel every rep and make each set count to the fullest extent!
  • KRIGER RED’s Brand new Cutting-Edge Formula combines the newest and best ingredients in Nitric Oxide, Energy, Focus, and Recovery!
  • Just Mix a scoop of KRIGER RED with water and drink before, or during your workout
  • First time users should start with 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance. If you are new to Preworkout products and notice a slight tingle, it is just the Beta-Alanine and B vitamins working. This is normal at first in Preworkout products.

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Brand: Berserker Formulation
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