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Bulletproof CollaGelatin, Supports Weight Management,


Title : Bulletproof CollaGelatin, Supports Weight Management, Healthy Bones and Joints and Glowing Skin (16 Ounces)
Description : Grass-fed CollaGelatin provides twice as much collagen protein as plain gelatin, so you can make amazing desserts with even more benefits. Plain gelatin gels so firmly that you can’t use much in recipes. CollaGelatin lets you increase the protein while maintaining a firm, creamy texture in your dishes. Adding collagen and gelatin to meals adds necessary amino acids often missing in the Western diet, which are essential to supporting the body’s ability to repair and maintain healthy skin, joints and bones.
Features :

  • GREAT SOURCE FOR TISSUE AND BONE SUPPORT: Supports rapid repair of tissues and bones
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS AND SKIN: Helps support joint mobility and smooth, hydrated healthy skin
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE: Easily digested and assimilated unique, essential amino acids
  • MIXES EASILY: Mixes easily in hot liquids and gels when cool.
  • GREAT IN RECIPES: Use to thicken sauces, or make gummy vitamins.

Category: Multiminerals
Brand: Bulletproof
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Rating : 4.4
Rating : 39
Review : Great product. Great skin ahead!

I sometimes put a scoop of this in my morning bulletproof coffee. You don’t taste it at all( otherwise I couldn’t do it!) Other times I mix it into a shake with the bulletproof cacao powder and ice. You will. Price a difference in your skin with this!