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Title : Domeboro Cooling Gel. Complete Skin Rash Relief 3oz
Description : Now, you can get that same Domeboro effectiveness you’ve come to trust in a convenient, cooling gel for fast rash relief anytime you need it. The gel comes in a no mess, hands-free applicator making it easy to use at home or on-the-go. Domeboro, has been trusted and doctor recommended for over 50 years, providing fast relief by drying out itchy, irritating, rashes and supporting the healing process that reduces itching and redness. Domeboro is an advanced version of Burow’s Solution, which was created to relieve the itching and inflammation of minor skin irritations by surgeon and anatomist Karl August Burow. Dr. Burow was also the inventor of plastic surgery and wound healing techniques which are still in wide use today. Dome Laboratories, modified Burow’s Solution for the modern marketplace. Dome Laboratories specialized in creating and refining treatments for allergies and skin conditions. So if you’ve been wondering about our name: it’s a blend of Dome (Laboratories) and Boro (for Burow’s solution). It may sound a little funny, but is intended to honor Domeboro creators and a long history of caring for and calming skin irritations and rash treatment. Use Domeboro on skin irritation caused by: Plant Rashes (a red streaky rash with blisters that typically follows an encounter with poison Ivy, oak, or sumac), Jewelry (contact dermatitis from jewelry, usually jewelry that contains nickel), Soaps & Detergents (contact dermatitis and allergic reactions caused by detergents, soaps, and fragrances in cleaning products), Domeboro is also great for soothing the itch and burn of athlete’s foot.
Features :

  • Contains (1) 3oz. bottle Domeboro Cooling Gel, complete rash relief. Provides fast itch relief plus visible healing by drying oozing rashes, reducing redness, and reducing blistering. For complete, soothing relief from itchy rashes and skin irritants.
  • Whether it’s poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, insect bites (mosquito, chigger, spider, bed bug, and bee or wasp bites), Domeboro Cooling Gel provides the quick and effective relief you need to combat itchy, irritated skin from insect bites or rashes.
  • Providing the complete rash relief you need, Domeboro Cooling Gel goes beyond relief of itchy, irritated skin to dry out oozing rashes, reduce redness/blistering, and promote healing so your skin gets back to normal faster without itching or flakiness.
  • Domeboro Cooling Gel is a clear, odorless gel that cools on contact for fast, soothing relief whenever you need it. Effective against the itching and irritation from sources like poison ivy, oak or sumac, mosquito bites, bed bug bites, even athlete’s foot.

Category: Burn Care
Brand: Domeboro
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Rating : 4.7
Rating : 62
Review : Thank you for having such an amazing product for us
I developed a rash from niacin in triple antibiotic ointment (contact dermatitis) and for over 2 weeks it grew from 1 and 1/2" to over 10". I saw 6 doctors and tried 7 different Rx treatments while I just watched it grow bigger. Finally, I went to the Mayo Clinic and they told me about Domeboro. I started using it and within 48 hours my rash had not only stopped growing, but had healed in most areas. 24 hours later, the entire rash had almost completely healed. Another 24 hours and it was gone. Unbelievable. I will always have this in my home and have told EVERYONE I know about this stuff. It is a miracle. I just wish it was easier to find! My pharamist and GP had never heard of it. With how astounding it is, you definitely need to get it out there! Thank you for having such an amazing product for us. Pictures show the forearm the day I started, and the forearm 96 hours later when the rash had healed (remember I had been using Rx ointments for over 2 weeks while the rash did…