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Dr. Mercola Iodine Supplements 1.5


Title : Dr. Mercola Iodine Supplements 1.5 mg 30 capsules – Thyroid Glandular Supplement – Helps Maintain Healthy Skin, Teeth And Hair – 30 Day Supply – Natural Licap Potassium Iodine Pills
Description :

Dr Mercola Iodine – 1.5mg Potassium Iodide Per Serving

Despite today’s focus on the importance of vitamins and minerals in your diet, there’s one mineral that is vitally important but often overlooked – iodine.

Iodine is an essential trace mineral vital for normal growth and development. It has a broad range of health benefits and may potentially:

• Play a key role in controlling the function of your thyroid glands
• Help support bone and brain health
• Contribute in helping regulate the base metabolic rate of the body
• Support your body’s normal detoxification processes
• Help support optimal energy levels
• Help maintain healthy skin, teeth and hair

Dr Mercola Iodine contains a stable form of iodine called potassium iodide, which is well absorbed by the body.

Plus, just like many other Dr Mercola supplements, Iodine is delivered in a Licaps capsule instead of a softgel or other type of capsule. The ingredients are tested before they go into the unique Licaps capsule, and advanced technology locks in freshness to enhance shelf-life and product safety.

Don’t waste time missing this important mineral from your diet – Order your Dr Mercola Iodine supplement today!

Features :

  • DR. MERCOLA POTASSIUM IODINE CAPSULES are engineered for quality and maximal health benefits for your whole body – produced by a worldwide leader with more than 100 years of industry experience
  • IODINE is an essential trace mineral vital for normal growth and development and may potentially play a role in healthy thyroid function
  • USE OF LICAPS IODINE CAPSULES protect nutrient integrity vs. softgel capsules which allow exposure to elements – this innovative technology utilizes “Fusion Technology” to seal the capsule without the use of banding
  • ADDING A POTASSIUM IODIDE SUPPLEMENT to your healthy diet may support bone and brain health, regulate metabolic rate, and aid in the body’s natural detox processes
  • AN IODINE SUPPLEMENT MAY BE NECESSARY due to limited access to iodine rich foods, a vegetarian diet, or exposure to iodine antagonists such as chlorine and fluoride

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The thyroid is the oft-neglected gland that affects so many bodily functions that to give it anything but the best would be foolish is why I choose Dr. Mercola always dependable quality supplementation.