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Title : Fat Remover Machine Red Light Rechargeable 3 in 1 Fat Burning Machine for Weight Loss, Skin Firming, Improve Blood Circulation, Fat Reduction on Waist Arm Leg and Hip
Description : Feeling Too Difficult Or Too Busy To Lose Weight?

Only Takes 10 Minutes, Start Shaping An Ideal Body Now!
·Only take up 10 minutes massaging on each section, effortlessly to lose weight and way too much easier to insist on it constantly.
·Compared to dieting, it’s more targeted and efficiently, burst fat and at the same time tighten the skin, avoid skin become slack caused by fat reduce.

Portable Home-Use Massager
Fat burner machine for women and men who want to shape their body and remove stubborn fat around the belly, arm, leg or hip.
Especially suitable for mother who has just given birth to a baby to restore fitness body curve, it also helps remove stretch mark.

⚠a. Please do NOT use this weight loss massager on your head, neck, collarbone, chest (especially round your heart), elbow, wrist, ankle, feet, and backbone.

⚠b. We will NOT feel vibration while using since the frequency is too high already beyond human’s perception, but as you drop a tiny amount of water on the metal pad surface, can amazingly see the water bobs.

⚠c. The fat burning massager is designed to shut down automatically after 10 minutes for safety reason, please note that it’s not as a defect or malfunction.

⚠d. 8 weeks for a section and it’s normal that you can see the difference over 1 month based on different usage. Please be patient and insist.

Package Including: 
1x Fat Reduction Machine
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual

Specification and Package:
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output Voltage: DC10.5V 0.4A
Power: 4.2W
Net Weight: 259g
Product Size: 4.7 x 3.5 x 3.7 inch

Features :

  • Multifunctional Fat Reduction Machine – Not only can burn fat, skin tightening and remove stretch mark, but also helps relax your skin and improve sleeping. Take 10mins with insistence to shape a charming body curve, restore skin firmness and elasticity efficiently
  • CV FUNCTION – Force a powerful wave to break up the stubborn fatty tissue and expelled them through body’s normal metabolic method. Shapes your arms, legs and lower abdomen, achieve the purpose of fat reduce
  • R-F FUNCTION – 500,000 times/s high frequency vibration, gives your skin warm massage, (making skin deep tissue temperature only rise 0.5-1℃, we can HARDLY feel hot.) Helps tighten the protein and attain the effect of firming and lifting skin, improve slack skin
  • RED LIGHT FUNCTION – Red light with 625nm wavelength can promote cells’ metabolism and blood circulation, making lymphatic detox to reach weight loss. Promote the skin release collagen which can smooth skin, reduce wrinkles
  • NOTICE – This fat remover machine is basically CAN NOT FEEL VIBRATION OR HOT since they are too subtle to feel, but the energy powerful enough to reach to the deep layer of skin making a significant improvement

Brand: CYEVA
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