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High Potency Astaxanthin 10mg 120

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Title : High Potency Astaxanthin 10mg 120 Softgels By Simply Potent, Natural Sunscreen, Fat Soluble Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Supplement Supports Eye, Skin, Joint, Heart, Brain & Immune System Health
ASIN : B078L47WG3
Description : Are you an athlete and experience joint and muscle soreness? Are you looking for a powerful and healthy natural antioxidant to help protect you from cell damage?
Here at SIMPLY POTENT, we have just what you need! Our supplement is perfect for those looking to strengthen stamina and endurance, enhance performance, enable faster recovery after vigorous exercise, and reduce joint and muscle soreness after heavy workouts!

Do you want to live a healthy life and build resistance against infection?
Our high potency 10mg natural Astaxanthin supports good health of skin, eyes, joint, brain, and heart; strengthens the immune system functionality; and helps protect all parts of body cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Would you like to age healthy and gracefully?
Our powerful natural antioxidant supplement helps reduce risk of Blindness, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel. Also reduces body fatigue and eye strain; improves skeleton & cartilage health, joint strength, and energy level.

Do you enjoy outdoor activities but worry about UV ray damages?
No worries!! Simply Potent Astaxanthin works as an internal sunscreen and helps protect you from sunburn; reduces wrinkles & age spots; acts as anti-aging, and promotes natural vitamin D intake directly from Sun!

Are you suffering from acute pain, inflammation or arthritis?
Our Astaxanthin is a potent anti-inflammatory supplement and it helps alleviate acute pain similar to the prescribed drugs for Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid arthritis without the risk of any side effects.

Because we have the top quality and best value Astaxanthin, we offer 100% Customer Satisfaction or 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Invest in yourself! Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button while supplies last. Buy one for yourself and another for your friend now!
Features :

  • SUPPLEMENT FOR GORGEOUS SKIN AND INTERNAL SUNSCREEN* – Astaxanthin helps improve skin quality by maintaining moisture level and elasticity of skin. As a powerful free radical scavenger, it acts as an internal sunscreen and protects skin from UV rays and sunburn. It also works as natural anti-aging supplement and helps reduce wrinkles due to stress or aging.
  • SUPPLEMENT FOR EYE HEALTH* – Because Astaxanthin can cross Blood-Retina Barrier, it supports eye health, improves eye sight, and reduces the risk of developing issues in eyes such as Cataract, Macular Degeneration, and Blindness.
  • POWERFUL NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENT* – As a powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin has free radical neutralizing capacity 800 times more than CoQ10, 6000 times more than Vitamin C, and 550 times more than Green Tea. It effectively protects all parts of cells from harmful effects of free radicals; improves Immune System function, Joint Strength & Endurance; combats Joint & Muscle Soreness; and alleviates Inflammation, Arthritis, Acute Pain, and Cancer.
  • SUPPLEMENT FOR HEALTHY BRAIN AND HEART – Because Astaxanthin can cross Blood-Brain Barrier, it can reach brain cells through blood stream and works as brain supplement which nourishes brain cells and helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Astaxanthin supplies nutrient to heart cells by getting absorbed by them and as a result it improves blood flow & reduces High Cholesterol.
  • 100% NATURAL, NON-GMO & GLUTEN-FREE, EXTRA STRENGTH BEST VALUE ASTAXANTHIN – Simply Potent Astaxanthin is derived from Haematococcus Pluvialis, a microalgae which has naturally red pigments. It is 100% Natural, NON-GMO, GLUTEN-FREE, made in the USA, and manufactured in an NSF/GMP/FDA/DEA facility. It’s the best value Astaxanthin based on its potency (10 mg per softgel), quality, supply per bottle and the price.

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Review : Works great as UV protection

I do a lot of outdoor activities in the sun, so I wanted to start using Astaxanthin to protect my skin from UV rays. My skin doesn’t get dry and itchy anymore since I started using this product. This product is really good quality and just one softgel per day is enough to keep my skin soft and smooth!