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Title : Honey Guy Products Water Blocker Skin Cream, 16 oz
Description : Waterblocker is a hand-made, waterproof, natural beeswax skin cream for the whole body. It stops dry, cracked hands by protecting the natural oil in the skin from being removed by constant washing or by other antagonists such as paper, cardboard and fabrics. Natural antibiotics in beeswax speed healing of rough, cracked skin (hands and feet), blisters and burns. Use on face as a moisturizer and to preserve the natural oil in your face. Long lasting – one application lasts most users about 8 hours – a whole work day!! It is safe for children – use on diaper rash to protect and heal quickly and to prevent rash from reoccurring. Use as a safe, natural deodorant for underarm and feet. Bacteria that cause odor can’t grow in beeswax!! Natural antihistamine in beeswax also stops itch, burn and sting. Use on insect bites, poison ivy, rashes, burns, etc. Use on skin conditions that exhibit itch, burn or sting or are dry and scaly or red (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea). Use on pet’s hot spots to stop itching and scratching and promote rapid healing!! No scent is added to Waterblocker so its scent is that of natural beeswax. Waterblocker is non-greasy after it is absorbed (about 3 minutes) and long lasting since it won’t wash off like most other creams.
Features :

  • Stops skin from drying out – even when washed many times per day.
  • Promotes healing of dry, cracked skin quickly while soothing pain and itch
  • Waterproof – one application lasts for hours even through washing
  • Sooths skin conditions such as exema and psoriasis
  • Safe for babies and for pets too.

Category: Creams
Brand: Honey Guy Products, Inc.
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Rating : 4.8
Rating : 44
Review : The best cream I’ve ever used. Major winner!
This may be the best cream ever made. It actually holds the moisture into your skin. Read the info. All of it is true. I’ve given this as Christmas gifts to my entire family. Big tub, last a long time. You can also transfer some into a smaller jar. This is therapeutic cream, not just grease applied overtop the skin that is icky and sticky. Apply this. Wait a few seconds and waving hands etc to dry helps. Then it is a barrier. It is NOT sticky or gooey or nasty feeling on the skin. My husband who loathes anything sticky will use this. My brothers will as well, and one of them is totally adverse to any skin creams. Good for the elderly, outdoor people, kids. Nurses’ hands, or those who must wash a lot? This is your answer to chronically injured skin. Apply some at bedtime and in a few days those dry feet and elbows are better. Apply your nighttime face products and let them soak in, then add a light layer of Water Blocker and your skin will glow in the morning. Got a…