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Title : JSHealth Vitamins Hair and Energy Formula, Healthy Hair Growth, Metabolism Support for Low Energy, Iodine and Zinc Supplement (60 Capsules)
Description :

JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula

JSHealth Vitamins was founded by Jessica Sepel, a clinical nutritionist, best-selling author and one of Australia’s most sought-after health and wellness experts. Two years ago, the JSHealth team embarked on a journey to create a unique formula to support energy, metabolism and hair growth. Say goodbye to fad trends and gimmicks; this formula is backed by years of clinical research and is proven to work.

Formulated with two carefully sourced essential minerals – iodine and zinc – which have been proven to assist with energy production, hair growth and hair strength. These two minerals may be hard to obtain from diet alone.

Kelp is a sea vegetable that absorbs minerals from ocean water and is an amazing natural source of iodine. Iodine is essential for the manufacture of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 that regulate basal metabolism in the body which supports energy production. The kelp found in our formula contains fucus vesiculosus and ascophyllum nodosum macroalgae seaweeds that are sourced from the pristine waters of Nova Scotia and Brittany. The seaweed is hand harvested in line with its seasonal growth cycle to ensure environmental sustainability and minimise disruption to the marine ecosystem. The kelp extracts placed in our formula are Tasmanian extracts.

Research shows that in addition to the specific benefits of fucoidan and marine polyphenols on hair growth and maintenance, these compounds also have a diverse range of benefits in general health, antioxidants, UV protection and anti-inflammation, which are known to promote healthy hair and nails.

Our formula is designed to be a very convenient part of your everyday health routine. One daily dose is all you need.

Features :

  • NOURISHING HAIR SUPPORT: This healthy combination of iodine & zinc addresses hair loss, thinning, brittleness, and slow regrowth. You should also notice some fabulous additional benefits: stronger nails, glowing skin, thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • FEELING TIRED OR LOW IN ENERGY? You may not be getting enough iodine from your daily diet! It is essential in both men and women for manufacturing thyroid hormones to regulate your body’s metabolism and energy levels. Iodine also aids hair growth.
  • COMPREHENSIVE & PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS: Our vitamins were developed using clinical research and the latest science on iodine-rich kelp and zinc, both of which have been proven to benefit general health, aid metabolism and increase energy
  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY, PURITY & SAFETY: Produced to the highest cGMP(certified good manufacturing practices) standards in our state-of-the-art Australian facility and are made with iodine-rich kelp that’s sourced from the pristine waters of Nova Scotia & Brittany.
  • CLEAN FORMULA: Gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, soy free, sugar free, nut free (including peanuts and tree nuts) No yeast, eggs, MSG, sulfites, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, bee products, or corn.

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Brand: JSHealth
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