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Liposomal Vitamin C with 1000mg

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Title : Liposomal Vitamin C with 1000mg Quali®-C – Extra Strength Vit-C Ascorbic Acid for Daily Antioxidant Immune Health – Powerful Energy Boost & Skin Care Support – 3 Month Supply – 180 Vegetarian Capsules
Description : Zenwise Health Liposomal Vitamin C softgels is an antioxidant supplement that utilizes liposomal technology to ensure optimal bioavailability of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), an essential compound that provides nutrients for the body. Featuring 1000mg of Quali®-C, a pure and traceable form of Vitamin C sourced from Scotland, this premium formula provides immune system, heart, skin, and bone support for a healthy and energized well being. These vitamin C capsules work as the ultimate immune system booster thanks to the advanced liposome technology that will help your body get the best possible absorption and maximum immune support.
Features :

  • LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C FORMULA – Zenwise Health Liposomal Vitamin C uses liposomal technology to provide a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin C, which can help men and women enjoy all Ascorbic Acid benefits with no digestive discomfort.
  • 1000 MG OF Quali®-C – Each C-Vitamin contains Quali®-C, a pure and traceable form of high quality Vitamin C sourced from Scotland. This premium ingredient delivers a refined and concentrated dosage to nourish the body for max results.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTING DEFENSE – Whether you’re avoiding a common cold, flu, or other issues caused by free radical factors, this Liposomal Vitamin C complex is complete with all the immunity enhancer essentials you’ll need to feel healthy.
  • SKIN & BONE SUPPORT – Vitamin C supports bone health and density, and also skin health by functioning as an anti aging solution to protect the face from spots caused by UV damage, along with wrinkles and a loss of derma elasticity.
  • DAILY ENERGY BOOSTER – To increase and enhance energy levels, these pills provide the body and mind with a nice balance of mental energy that can keep you sharp and alert, plus helping to improve physical energy to keep you feeling good.

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Brand: Zenwise Health
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Rating : 4.7
Rating : 95
Review : Immunity boosting vitamin C supplement

I’ve been taking these for a few weeks now and have been highly impressed with my wellness and energy levels. I work in an office that doesn’t have windows and tends to get pretty stuffy and close quarters, leaving a lot of people to get sick. When I started taking this Lipsomal Vitamin C I was skeptic that it’d actually make me feel any different, but I think it has helped quite a bit to build up my immune system. It seems to absorb quickly and is easy to take. If you have a hard time with pills, you can open the capsules and put into a liquid or hide in food very easily. I would recommend to try this cold/flu season; it might actually make a difference for you!