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Michael’s Naturopathic Progams Skin Factors


Title : Michael’s Naturopathic Progams Skin Factors Supplements, 180 Count
ASIN : B0009S9GZ8
Description : Michael’s Skin Factors is a vegetarian and kosher dietary supplement containing an excellent combination of nutrients and herbs that work to maintain youthful looking skin by working with the body’s natural functions.
Features :

  • Support for mild and non-cystic acne and for overall healthy skin
  • Ideal for adults with skin appearance concerns
  • Contains essential nutrients to aid in skin repair and growth, antioxidant action and immune, cleansing and liver support

Category: Multiple Vitamin-Mineral Supplements
Brand: Michael’s Naturopathic Progams
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Rating : 4.8
Rating : 9
Review : High Quality

I use this as a multi-vitamin in addition to positive dietary changes (more quality greens and less processed foods) and have seen improvement in stubborn hormonal and/or stress-related adult acne. High quality product, a bit pricey, but all good supplements seem to be. Worth a shot!