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Title : Natural Resveratrol & Grape Seed Extract Supplement For Women And Men – Potent & Pure Anti Aging Antioxidant – Skin Care + Boosts Immune System + Weight Loss Supplements – By California Products
Description : Pure and natural Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract supplements by California Products are powerful antioxidants from men and women – and provide a number of benefits. Their most famous one is their antioxidant properties, which helps keep the body healthier for longer as they boost the immune system and help to fight off the symptoms of poor health as a result. These pills can also be used to achieve weight loss and help to fight obesity, but these capsules can also be combat the signs of aging and help you stay looking younger for longer. Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract can also be used as an aid in the gym, as a Korean study showed that it boosts testosterone levels. In addition to all the previous benefits, these supplements for men and women can also help protect against blood sugar disorders as well as helping to prevent vision loss, boosting memory function and mental performance and regulating health better. Within each capsule is 250 mg of Resveratrol and 10 mg of Grape Seed Extract.
Features :

  • Pure and potent Resveratrol supplement with Grape Seed Extract for men and women – power antioxidant that can lower cholesterol and LDL levels within the body
  • Trans Resveratrol can be used to weight loss and has anti aging properties – can also help prevent blood sugar problems as it helps the immune system
  • Resveratrol can help stop eyesight getting worse by regulating and preventing harmful elements within the eye – can improve memory and mental function
  • This supplement for men and women can improve wrinkles and skin care and protect against the symptoms of poor health – look younger for longer with anti aging properties
  • Each capsule contains 250 mg Resveratrol and 10 mg Grape Seed Extract – use this to help fight off ill health + keep your heart healthy for longer

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Great product, great price.

Resveratrol Capsule Supplement with Quercetin - Grape Seed Extract - Green Tea Resveratrol-1200mg Helps Promote Healthy Brain and Heart Function - 60 Capsules (1)

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  • *OUR RESVERATROL SUPPLEMENT GETS THE JOB DONE and is a FANTASTIC ALTERNATIVE TO RED WINE. Get all the benefits with a daily dose of 2-capsules of this Antioxidant Supplement
  • *RESVERATROL-1200 MAY HELP SUPPORT HEART HEALTH. Resveratrol may help platelets to not stick together and form the clots that can lead to a heart attack.
  • *TRANS-RESVERATROL NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS COULD HELP KEEP YOUR NERVE CELLS from damage along with the buildup of plaque that can lead to Alzheimer's Desease.
  • *TRANS-RESVERATROL HAS BEEN LINKED IN THE HELP OF THE AGING PROCESS. Resveratrol also possesses ANTIOXIDENT and anti-angiogenic properties.