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Title : Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Non-GMO – 16 ounce (1 lb.) Use for Cooking, Hair and Skin – Hexane-Free Extraction and Fair-Trade Certified
Description : Organic Coconut Oil by NutriGold – Cold-Pressed, Certified Organic, Extra-Virgin, Non-GMO

NutriGold’s Organic Coconut Oil is made from freshly harvested Coconuts to preserve natural levels of Lauric Acid and Vitamin E. The dried flesh of the coconut is processed through a cold process expeller press to extract the oil. The extraction process does not involve the use of sulfites or any other processing aids, so you can be assured that you are getting a coconut oil that is pure, wholesome, and nutritious.

Coconut oil may contain small amounts of B Vitamins and larger amounts of minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and zinc. The Lauric Acid in Coconut oil helps support immune health and, unlike hydrogenated Coconut oil, the saturated fat in organic Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits:
– Natural source of MCTs
– Natural source of energy*
– Supports digestive health*
– Supports a healthy lifestyle*
– Supports healthy hair and skin*
– Rich, natural source of lauric acid and Vitamin E
– Fewer calories than conventional cooking oils
– Naturally free of cholesterol, gluten, trans-Fat, and hydrogenated fats

Why NutriGold’s Coconut Oil Gold?
– Certified organic, Extra-Virgin, Hexane-Free, Gentle Cold-Press Processing
– We test and select only the batches highest in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Lauric Acid and Vitamin E
– Rich flavor and aroma – ideal for cooking and baking
– Independent third-party lab verified to be free of solvents, pesticides, and preservatives
– Tested and verified free of common allergens
– Verified free of GMOs by the Non-GMO Project
– Suitable for Vegans / Vegetarians
– Tested and packaged to stringent cGMP standards in the USA

Features :

  • Cold-Pressed, Certified Organic, Extra-Virgin, Non-GMO
  • Naturally Rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
  • Rich in Naturally Occurring Lauric Acid and Vitamin E
  • Fewer Calories Than Regular Cooking Oils. Can Also be Used for Hair Care and Skin Care.
  • Naturally free of Cholesterol, Gluten, Trans Fat, and Hydrogenated Fats

Category: Coconut
Brand: Nutrigold
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Rating : 4.6
Rating : 208
Review : Great Tasting And Mild Fragrant Coconut Smell , That’s Great For Hair !

This oil is tasty because I use it for " oil pulling" , immune system building so the taste was an important factor to me. It was mild but still had the taste of coconut minus the sweetness. I use it for almost everything, it’s my facial moisturizer, skin lotion, skin softener , hair conditioner , foot and heel softener as I say everything but cooking. I’ve heard others say it’s excellent for cooking but I haven’t trief that yet. I will be buying more though because I was losing my hair but since using my hair is growing like crazy. I’m a black woman who who’s hairloss was so bad I had patches where you could see my scalp . However since using this, I have to actually cut my hair because it’s growing so much. The patchy area is completely grown in and other areas are thicker than before !