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Title : Organic Exfoliating Silver Soap – Made with Certified Organic Ingredients. Silver Infused Soap to Cleanse Skin & Kill Bacteria. Made with Real Oatmeal 4oz Bar
Description :

We use only the best Certified Organic ingredients including real oatmeal and add them to our popular Triple Strength Silver Hydrosol (30ppm) to create this exfoliating face and body cleanser. The organic ingredients work in concert with the liquid silver to not only cleanse your skin, but to kill blemish-causing bacteria; leaving your face feeling fresh and smooth.

This is an exfoliating bar and NOT intended for those with sensitive skin. For a more gentle facial cleanser try our Organic Silver Soap – Lavender Scent.

Lightly scented with essential oils, your skin won’t just feel and look great, but will smell amazing without being overbearing.

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Features :

  • Made with 30ppm Silver Hydrosol Solution
  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Mild Oatmeal Spice Scent
  • Exfoliating Face and Body Cleansing Bar
  • Kills Blemish Causing Bacteria – Recommended by Health Professionals

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Brand: My Doctor Suggests
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Rating : 4.5
Rating : 70
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This soap deserves a review. At first I was unsure because it seemed too abrasive. I have had chronic hives. I was allergic to everything. When the soap first came I applied it directly to my skin. It felt rough! So I applied it to a clothe and then applied it to my skin. My skin started to change in 3 days. I then applied it to my hair and my hair felt full and soft. Only have this in my shower with toothpaste, toothbrush, and Asutra cucumber scrub. Thank you to whomever figured this out. As you get bigger don’t jeopardize your quality!!