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Organic Wool Dryer Balls, 8-Pack

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Title : Organic Wool Dryer Balls, 8-Pack — Natural Ecofriendly Fabric Softener — Reusable Dryer Sheets for Infants — Soft and Gentle on Clothes & Skin
Description :

Switching to wool dryer balls can save you time, money, energy and the environment!

Have you ever pulled a warm shirt out of the dryer ready to wear it before work or school only to find out it’s so static-filled that you couldn’t pull it off your body with a team of wild horses? Annoying, isn’t it? That’s why you need Kitchow Pure Wool Dryer Balls. These organic, natural dryer sheet alternatives keep your clothes looking new and smelling fresh, but they also protect your skin because they’re hypoallergenic.

Using them is even easier, because you can just throw them in the dryer with wet laundry and the combination of wool and circulating air will dry your laundry up to 45% faster. Choose dryer balls that are safe for the environment, safe for your baby’s skin, save the environment and save you money. Get yours today and see the difference yourself!

Do you use cloth diapers? Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain chemicals that will build up in your diapers, creating residues that reduce absorbency. This set of 8 wool dryer balls will gently soften your cloth diapers, reduce static, and save your baby from harmful toxins and chemicals as well!

Product Details:

  • Reduces drying time by up to 45%
  • Saves money and the environment
  • Great at removing pet hair – If you have cats or dogs you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in the amount of hair left on your fabrics after drying.
  • Reusable and Soft on Clothes
  • 100% Organic Wool from New Zealand
  • Easy on Newborn Skin
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protect your skin and your clothes with super soft wool dryer balls from Kitchow; click “Add to Cart” above to get yours today.

Features :

  • REDUCED STATIC CLING: Wool dryer balls help eliminate static from your clothing so you can skip harsh chemicals from fabric softener or overly-fragranced dryer sheets.
  • PURE, NATURAL SCENT: Your clothes will smell amazingly fresh and clean thanks to our unscented, 100% pure wool dryer balls. No more perfumes or dyes to stifle your pure, natural scent.
  • ECOFRIENDLY CHOICE: Unlike dryer sheets that continually need to be thrown away after every use, our reusable wool fabric softener balls help you save money, reduce waste and keep your clothes even softer and smelling good than before.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: The best part of our dryer balls is that they’re made from 100% natural wool, which means they’re hypoallergenic and safe on skin and clothes. This makes them perfect for drying infant or baby clothes.
  • PET SAFE: Dog and cat owners, these dryer balls will dramatically reduce the amount of hair left on your clothes after drying.

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Brand: Kitchow
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Review : Must have for your home!! Perfect way to cut out chemicals and keep your home a more safe environment!
These!!! I just can’t say enough about these! I was able to snag these babies at a fantastic discount and I am so glad I did not give up that opportunity! We have recently switched to a less chemical household! I’ve begun using essential oils and alternatives to chemical store bought cleaners. About three months ago I started using vinegar with a few drops of some of my favorite essential oils (grapefruit has worked the best so far for me!!) in the place of chemical filled fabric softener. It’s worked very well but of course there is that missing element. We also stopped using dryer sheets around the same time. Once again, not a huge change but there was still definitely something missing! I saw on an episode of the television show "Hack My Life" that you can us a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer in place of dryer sheets. They said one ball could last up to three months. So, of course, I started to try this new trick out. It actually did work surprisingly well. I would add a…