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Pain Relief Cream – Triple

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Title : Pain Relief Cream – Triple Strength – Contains Arnica, MSM and Vitamin B6 – Ideal for Sore Muscles, Arthritis and Cramps, Sprains and Bruises – 4oz
Description : The human body is prone to arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions as we age. Pain related to arthritis can be debilitating and stop you from doing the things you enjoy. When the body experiences pain it can make the rest of our body feel out of sorts which is why it is important to treat pain as and when it strikes. A chemical naturally found in the human body that we have also added to our topical pain relief cream. The body uses this chemical to produce a range of other chemicals that are used to build tendons, cartilage, ligaments and the fluid that surrounds our joints. By adding this important ingredient to our cream, it has the ability to work faster at soothing your pain. Each pot of our pain relief cream is 4oz in size making it lightweight and small enough to carry around in your purse, bag or suitcase when travelling. It is also a great size for keeping in an office drawer at work, locker at the gym or the glove compartment of the car so you have it to hand every time you’re affected by pain. If you often suffer from pain after playing sports, working or doing chores around the house or garden then our cream is a sure-fire way to relieve those aching muscles and joints. It can be used after sporting accidents such as sprains and uncomfortable muscle craps too. It really is a great way to work at pain relief without taking harmful and chemical filled tablets. BUY NOW and work to relieve the pain of accidents and joint related health conditions with our triple strength topical pain relief cream
Features :

  • TRIPLE STRENGTH PAIN CREAM – don’t put up with uncomfortable and unnecessary pain. When pain strikes apply our topical pain relief cream for all external skin areas of your body
  • CONTAINS MSM – a popular standalone supplement used by arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers as well as those with degenerative joint disease to help form connective tissue and repair ligaments, joints and tendons
  • RICH IN NATURAL GOODNESS – our topical cream for pain relief contains Arnica that for centuries has been used to treat bruises as well as being rich in Vitamin B6 which helps your body cope with stress related injuries
  • WHEN TO USE – use to reduce sore muscles, sooth arthritis inflammations in the joints and relieve yourself from the pain of sprains, bruises and cramps. It can be used on knees, arms, legs, shoulders, elbows, the neck, feet and other external areas of the body
  • HOW TO APPLY – rub a generous amount onto the affected area until the cream has been fully absorbed into the skin. We recommend that you apply this cream three times a day for maximum benefits

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