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Pure L-LYSINE 500mg – 100

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Title : Pure L-LYSINE 500mg – 100 Tablets – Natural Essential Amino Acid Supplement – Boost Immunity and Prevent Cold Sores – L-lysine Helps Collagen Formation for Healthy Skin + Hair & Bones
Description : “A simple way to help improve your health and wellbeing. As L-Lysine doesn’t naturally occur in the body, it needs to be included in your diet. Often, many people don’t get enough of this essential amino acid from food alone, therefore a supplement is the best way to ensure your body benefits. Fed up of feeling under the weather and susceptible to cold sores when stressed or anxious? Perhaps your body just doesn’t feel as though it’s quite right, hair a bit lacklustre, skin a bit dry, and muscles aching after exercise? Natures Design has produced a 500mg tablet which is easy to swallow – once a day – and you will find that a daily boost of this amino acid will help your health, enabling you to feel a lot better in yourself. L-Lysine benefits include: Reduced incidences of cold sores, reduced stress and less anxious, hair feels thicker and shinier, skin feels fresher and healthier, muscles are quicker to repair after exercise, sess outbreaks of illness such as colds and flu. At Natures Design, we know you’ll love your new and invigorated health – in fact, if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked! Click Add to Cart at the top of the page to put an end to pesky cold sores, and improve overall health and wellbeing.”
Features :

  • ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID SUPPLEMENT – L-Lysine is not produced by the body but many people lack sufficient L-Lysine from their diet, therefore a supplement is needed. L-Lysine can help with many physical and mental ailments
  • PUT AN END TO COLD AND CANKER SORES ONCE AND FOR ALL – L-Lysine can help to halt the herpes virus, therefore reducing the overall number of canker or cold sores produced, and may also make sores heal quicker
  • HELPS IMPROVE SKIN, HAIR AND BONES – L-Lysine helps with formation of collagen and absorption of calcium which in turn is responsible for health of skin, hair, nails, and when combined with arginine, can help develop new bone tissue
  • HELPS TO REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY AND BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM by increasing protein as part of your diet
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WHEN YOU ORDER NOW! If you’re not happy or aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will gladly and promptly refund your purchase price

Brand: Natures Design
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Urban ReLeaf Lysine and Lemon Balm Blister Soothing Gel! for Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Rashes, Red Bumps, Pox, Raw, Chapped Skin. Help Suppress Outbreaks, Heal Delicate Tissue. Fast Natural Help!

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  • Urban ReLeaf Lysine and Lemon Balm Blister Soothing GEL! This water-based gel provides FAST relief for cold sores, fever blisters, rashes, red bumps, pox, raw, chapped skin. Help suppress outbreaks, heal delicate tissue. Fast Natural Help!
  • Gentle and soothing. A tiny bit of gel goes a long way... glides on smoothly! Daily use formula will keep your lips and skin looking their best. Regular use of topical Lemon Balm and Lysine really does help suppress future outbreaks! Does NOT sting, burn or tingle. Has a soft lemon scent. Handy gel glides on easily and dries quickly.
  • This powerful combination of USP grade L-Lysine and Lemon Balm (Melissa Leaf) Oil has been proven to suppress future outbreaks with regular use. 100% NATURAL: Lemon Balm is the most powerful and effective herbal remedy used to treat outbreaks. Lysine is an Essential Amino Acid that your body needs to prevent outbreaks and repair tissue. We use USP grade L-Lysine HCL. Your body can not produce Lysine on it's own, and topical application 'works like magic' to prevent cold sores.
  • Use every day and say "Goodbye, itchy red bumps". Drug Free Alternative! Proudly Made in the USA in small batches! The unique formula provides cells with the L-Lysine amino acid building blocks they need to heal and keep tissues strong.
  • 1.2 Ounce Bottle. Our "most gentle formula" for the treatment of cold sores and other skin ailments. This powerful combination of L-Lysine HCL, USP and Lemon Balm Essential Oil has been proven to suppress future outbreaks with regular use. A very helpful natural remedy to keep in your pocket, purse, bedside or desk! See our full line of Lemon Balm and other natural products in our Amazon Store!