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Title : Quality of Life Oligonol Premium Anti Aging Supplement-Supports Cardiovascular Health Youthful Skin, Circulation, Weight Loss, 30 Vegicaps (100mg)
Description : Oligonol is the world’s first low-molecular-weight Polyphenol and winner of the prestigious Nutracon “Top Evidence-Backed Product of the Year” Award! Like many people, you may resign yourself to living with the signs of aging. Perhaps you believe it’s inevitable for your skin to become blemished by wrinkles and brown spots as you get older. Or you figure it’s not realistic to expect to be as energetic as you were in your youth. Antioxidant and polyphenol extracts are the secret to fighting the signs of premature aging. Unlike other anti aging supplements, skin vitamins, anti aging vitamins, skin supplements, cocoa polyphenols, tea polyphenols, apple polyphenols super antioxidant vitamins and vitamins for skin, our antioxidant complex contains a clinically studied lychee fruit extract and green tea leaf extract! Is circulation the key to youth? When your blood isn’t flowing properly, it affects all parts of your body. Oligonol is a type of polyphenol, the class of antioxidants that made green tea, chocolate, and berries famous. Manufactured from lychee, Oligonol greatly enhances circulation. Our antioxidant supplement helps support youthful skin, energy and your heart. Our powerful anti aging and polyphenol capsules have shown to: -Support youthful skin -Support cardiovascular health -Lessen wrinkles and brown spots -Relax blood vessels and help enhance circulation -Help support weight loss Why Buy From Quality of Life? All of our supplements are manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We also offer a 100% no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Start feeling the amazing health benefits of our Anti Aging Supplement Today!
Features :

  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT & POLYPHENOL SUPPLEMENT: Healthy circulation is the key to youth. Oligonol is a unique polyphenol formula that helps increase blood flow naturally to support healthy aging, skin, energy, cardiovascular health and weight loss. Look and feel your best today with Oligonol!
  • SUPPORTS YOUTHFUL SKIN, ENERGY & CIRCULATION: Oligonol has shown to help support healthy skin, cardiovascular health, lessen wrinkles, reduce fatigue, increase endurance and fight the signs of aging. Just one vegetable capsule per day helps your skin, energy levels and heart.
  • INCLUDES PATENTED LYCHEE FRUIT & GREEN TEA LEAF EXTRACT: Derived from lychee fruit extract and green tea, Oligonol is the world’s first low-molecular-weight polyphenol and winner of the prestigious Nutracon “Top Evidence-Backed Product of the Year” Award. Unlike other antioxidant supplements, skin supplements, antioxidant capsules and natural antioxidant formulas, our antioxidant complex uses clinically studied ingredients backed by human studies.
  • MADE IN USA: Our antioxidant supplement is manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We are committed to maintaining the highest quality polyphenol vitamins on the market. “

Category: Multiple Vitamin-Mineral Supplements
Brand: Quality of Life
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Rating : 4.1
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Review : Like it but can’t afford to keep using

Took this for a few weeks. I noticed increased energy, less pain from my fibromyalgia and loss of belly fat. Unfortunately, I need to take 2 a day for visceral fat and it’s to pricey for me to keep using it as this bottle only lasts 2 weeks…

Qunol Ultra CoQ10 100mg, 3x Better Absorption, Patented Water and Fat Soluble Natural Supplement Form of Coenzyme Q10, Antioxidant for Heart Health, 120 Count Softgels

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  • 3X BETTER ABSORPTION THAN REGULAR [2] CoQ10. Clinical trials have proven that no other CoQ10 supplement absorbs better than Qunol. In fact, Qunol Ultra absorbs 3X better than regular [2] CoQ10
  • #1 CARDIOLOGIST RECOMMENDED FORM OF COQ10. With superior absorption compared to regular [2] CoQ10, Qunol 100mg CoQ10 softgel capsules can help you reach optimal levels of Coenzyme Q10 sooner, so you can experience the potential benefits faster
  • 100% WATER AND FAT-SOLUBLE, Qunol CoQ10's patented formulation is 100% water and fat-soluble, unlike regular [2] CoQ10 that does not dissolve in water and dissolves very poorly in fat
  • BENEFICIAL TO STATIN DRUG USERS. Statin medications have been shown to lower CoQ10 levels and the addition of a CoQ10 supplement to statin drug therapy can help replenish lost CoQ10
  • ESSENTIAL FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION. CoQ10 plays a vital role in the production of energy in the body. Taking a CoQ10 supplement helps increase natural CoQ10 levels that can be depleted by age and cholesterol-lowering statin medications