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Title : SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp
Description : SKIN is an anti-oxident supplement. It works on the individuals needs, such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, skin tightening, lightening, and radiance.
Features :

  • All Natural Once A Day Supplement For Skin

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Brand: SKIN By Dr. Drew Karp
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Rating : 5.0
Rating : 14
Review : I started using skin app. 8 weeks ago. …
I started using skin app. 8 weeks ago. The effects have been subtle but increasingly noticeable, and in ways I hadn’t anticipated…I’m 61 years old…and aside from my face…the real age give aways were the back of my hands and my knees! Who knew knees age so badly…I didn’t believe it myself at first but the skin around my knees has tightened noticeanl , with those awful "folds" significantly smoothing out and almost disappearing! I’m actually wearing shorts again!
The skin across my hands has smoothed out considerably as well! In addition to all this, I was in a make-up boutique a few days ago…In front of those bright cosmetic lights….no make up on…The girl doing my make-up thought I was about 48 years old! When I showed her my driver’s license to prove it, she was so impressed, she called several of the other artists over to " look"…. while I have done a few minor procedures over the years (Sculptra ,Botox) …the texture of my skin, since using…