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Title : Sundhed Natural Max Collagen Plus C (30 Day Supply) – All Natural Collagen Powder with Biotin & Bioperine to Boost Anti Aging Hydration & Skin Firmness – 500mg Vitamin C – Strengthen Bones & Nails
Description : Looking for a collagen supplement that packs more of a punch?

Where most collagen supplements only give you the basic ingredients (at a lesser dose) Sundhed’s Max Collagen + C formula combines collagen protein and Vitamin C with Biotin & Bioperine for extra enhanced absorption at every level!

Improved Anti-Aging Skin Repair!

Nobody wants to look like a sun-dried prune as they age which is why thousands use our collagen support matrix each and every day.

Our collagen supplements provide moisturizing hydration that improves elasticity & skin firmness throughout the body!

A More Synergistic, Dual-Approach

We’ve taken the standard formula and made it smarter. By supplementing collagen hydrolysate with the right dose of essential Vitamin C, we create a harmony that works in concert to naturally boost collagen formation.

Improve Bone Density While Reviving Hair & Nail Growth Too

While skin care is important to keep you looking and feeling good, what goes on INSIDE the body is just as important too.

Collagen plays a critical role in the building of our bone matrix and provides the materials to revitalize your flowing locks and keep your nails healthy and strong.

And if you have any issues, we have you covered

We can’t wait for you to become another one of our collagen success stories!

But if you are unsatisfied or have any issues, please contact us for a Guaranteed Replacement or Your Money Back!

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Features :

  • BETTER FOR YOUR BODY ENHANCED FORMULA: Our collagen supplements are fortified with 5000 mcg of Biotin as well as 10 mg of Bioperine for enhanced absorption that lets your body maximize the dose!
  • YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK YOUNGER: Our collagen supplements for women and men offer a moisturizing blast of hydration that helps repair connective tissue and improve skin firmness.
  • FORTIFY & REPLENISH COLLAGEN: Hydrolyzed collagen powder paired with Vitamin C creates a robust synergy that your body will absolutely adore!
  • STRONGER BONES, HAIR & NAILS! Our super collagen supplement supports proper building of the bone matrix. Collagen re-stitches and repairs at the cellular level to improve bone density and much more
  • RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! If there is any issue with your collagen capsules, contact us for a Guaranteed Replacement or Your Money Back – no questions asked!

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