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Title : Sunsafe Rx 60 Capsules – Natural, Healthy, Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplement Protects Skin and Eyes From Sun Damage Including From UVA and UVB Rays
Description : Sunsafe Rx is a nutritional supplement that protects your skin and eyes from the sun. Just one capsule per day provides natural, healthy, anti‑aging protection from UV rays. Nothing ages your skin more than the sun, and every second you’re in the sun damages your skin. This damage is cumulative and irreversible, and even dangerous. But Sunsafe Rx is always working; it protects your whole body, isn’t messy, and doesn’t rub off. In fact, Sunsafe Rx may be the single most important anti‑aging product you ever use. The key to Sunsafe Rx is Antioxidine: a proprietary formula made with natural ingredients from foods and plants that clinical studies show can defend your skin and eyes from sun damage. These powerful antioxidants help your body quench the free radicals created by UV radiation before they can do more damage. Proprietary Antioxidine Complex was developed and formulated exclusively by Napa Valley Bioscience to help your skin naturally protect itself from UV rays. There are hundreds of published scientific papers encompassing decades of research that prove the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in Antioxidine and Sunsafe Rx. Sunsafe Rx is made with natural ingredients from foods and plants and is free of artificial additives. It is manufactured and tested in the USA in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. Furthermore, compared to sunscreen lotion, Sunsafe Rx is easy to use, always working, never rubs off, provides full-body coverage, and doesn’t block your production of Vitamin D. Research shows the specific antioxidants in Sunsafe Rx: *Help your skin and eyes defend against UVA and UVB rays *Prevent wrinkles and sun spots *Preserve collagen and elastin *Are healthy for your skin and eyes *Prevent free-radical damage throughout your whole body *Can help prevent or relieve many photosensitivities including melasma, PMLE, hyperpigmentation, solar keratosis, and other reactions to sunlight *Reduce inflammation *Decrease immunosuppression
Features :

  • Helps you defend against both UVA and UVB rays; proprietary formula back by extensive research
  • Helps prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and many skin photosensitivities; preserves collagen and elastin
  • Made in the USA of natural ingredients from foods and plants; free of artificial ingredients, etc.
  • Easy to use, always working, full-body coverage, never rubs off, doesn’t block Vitamin D production
  • Healthy antioxidants for your skin and eyes; prevents free-radical damage throughout your whole body

Brand: Sunsafe Rx
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Rating : 4.1
Rating : 39
Review : Best on the market (and I’ve tried them all). It is expensive, but does not include questionable filler chemicals in other brand

Better than the HelioCare that I’ve used for years (HelioCare works, but it contains far to many unnecessary sketchy fillers, like titanium dioxide, food coloring, etc). Sunsafe also contains vitamins known to support healthy skin.

It is very expensive, and probably unaffordable for many people like me who use it everyday. I wish they would reduce the price to something reasonable. Good quality is great, but not if you can’t afford it.