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TORBOT GROUP Skin-Tac-H Adhesive Barrier


Title : TORBOT GROUP Skin-Tac-H Adhesive Barrier Wipes, 50/Box
ASIN : B000QF81M8
Description : Skin taca” adhesive barrier is a clear, non-latex, hypo-allergenic adhesive barrier. Use on skin as a tacky base before applying adhesives. Acts as an effective barrier between tape and skin. Removes easily with tacaway adhesive remover wipes, available in economical 4 oz. liquid and convenient travel friendly wipes.
Features :

  • Home diagnostics
  • Pack of 50 wipes
  • Does not contain benzoin

Category: Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea Care
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Rating : 4.5
Rating : 177
Review : Extremely Effective, used by Hospitals

Just before my dad passed away he was in the hospital several weeks and then in home hospice. I learned about the Skin Tac wipes from an ICU nurse. And since I was going to be one of his primary care givers, I started ordering everything he would need. Being bedridden he had to use condom cath’s. Although they come with an adhesive inside, without prepping the area with this, you would have a hard time getting them to stay on. Skin Tac looks like a little hand wipe that you used to get from Kentucky Fried Chicken years ago to wipe the grease off your hands. But these, after you wipe the skin make it sticky, just give it a second or two. It makes the skin very tacky, or sticky. It really works. I had to use vinyl gloves, which most people would as caregivers. This stuff is so tacky, it will pull the gloves right off your hands. It’s great stuff. Don’t apply it over any open wound, or infection. Any area where the skin may be rash or irritated.