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Title : Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine – Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Supplement with 10mg of Black Pepper for Absorption and Best Results. All Natural & Non-Gmo Joint Pain Relief by Vimerson Health
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Features :

  • ★ WE GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION: Feel the ease in your joints, or your money back!
  • ★ NATURAL, NON-GMO! No hormones, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no cholesterol, no yeast, no soy, no kidding! We believe that only natural ingredients should be digested, by you, for best results.
  • ★ A TURMERIC CURCUMIN FOR REAL RESULTS: Vimerson Health Turmeric formula has 10mg of Bioperine (black pepper extract) per serving for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.* These easy-to-swallow capsules help relieve joint & back pain, encourage joint swelling relief, reduce inflammation & skin dryness, boost brain function & memory, improve digestion & blood circulation, and, enhance immune & nervous systems.* Overall, our complex promotes healthy joints, eyes, skin, hair, heart and mood!*
  • ★ LOVE YOURSELF: Choose the most efficient and pure supplement for maximum results, Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin. Not only is our tumeric curcumin supplement more potent, we use the highly regarded patented BioPerine – black pepper is an essential component for the optimal performance of turmeric. We use only the best ingredients in all our formulas.
  • ★ MADE IN THE U.S.A. in an FDA-Registered facility. This product is GMP-certified to assure the highest quality and purity.

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Brand: Vimerson Health
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