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Title : UltraColl Marine Collagen 1000mg x 180 Tablets (3 Months Supply). The only Patented Anti-Aging Collagen Types I, II, III, and VII. SKU: UC3
Description : UltraColl Marine Derived Anti-Ageing Collagen 1000mg x 180 tablets (3 Months Supply)

Patented Collagen Blend
UltraColl Collagen contains a patented blend of four different collagen fibres, each one an essential building block in the structure of the skin.
No other collagen supplement contains these same 4 fibres, most only contain collagen types 1 and 2 which alone have not been shown to help build the elastins and fibres within the skin. They are found in the cartilage of the joints.
Only UltraColl contains all four of the same collagen types found in the deep layers of the skin that are responsible for keeping it looking young. These are collagen fibres I, II, III, and VII.

Marine Derived for purity
UltraColl collagen fibres are sourced from a number of responsibly harvested marine sources. While this is a more expensive process, it also produces a much purer and better collagen, especially when compared with the cheap bovine derived collagen that is often sourced from the by-products of animal slaughter houses.

Formulated by leading skincare experts
Formulated to be the strongest anti-ageing collagen by BABTAC registered leading skincare experts, this is the best collagen supplement on the market. This is due to patents and trademarks on the collagen blend. Ultracoll has 1000mg of collagen per tablet while most others have 400mg making Ultracoll 250% stronger.

180 tablets – 3 Months Supply:
This listing is for 1 bottle containing 180 tablets (3 months supply) making them exceptional value for money.

Always fresh stock We purchase brand new stock every 2 months so you can be assured of a very long shelf life
Features :

  • 1000mg of patented anti-aging collagen per tablet
  • 250% stronger than regular collagen supplements – 1000mg vs industry standard 400mg
  • Contains a patented blend of 4 different types of collagen fibres, the same fibres responsible for keeping the skin tight and wrinkle free – no other supplement contains this same blend. These 4 collagen types when depleted are known to cause deep wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, deep lines on the forehead, and sagging skin
  • Sold in a bulk supply for huge cost savings
  • Manufactured for a large UK family business est. 2005 in a cGMP and ISO accredited facility. Quality assured and guaranteed.

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Brand: pureclinica
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