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Title : Vitamin Bounty – Radiant Beauty for Hair, Skin and Nail growth

Features :

  • Healthy and Radiant Hair, Skin, and Nails – Bring back your lustrous hair, help support strong nails, and maintain vibrant skin with the help of biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, one of nature’s essential nutrients
  • Rich in Essential Vitamins and Nutrients – Our advanced formula includes 3000 mcg of Biotin per serving and other crucial vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, E and B12
  • Powerful and Advanced Formula – A perfect blend to help support your body in kick-starting the growth of healthy bodily functions
  • Made in the USA – Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Category: Hair, Skin & Nails Complex
Brand: Vitamin Bounty
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Rating : 4.9
Rating : 17
Review : Great product

I Have been taking this product for about a week and I can already feel the difference in my hair, skin and nails. My nails usually take a long time to grow and they have grown a lot in the last few days. My hair isnt much longer (yet) but it is softer than usual. My skin which usually has a breakout once or twice a month has not broken out at all. Totally impressed. The pills are not too big or hard to swallow and the bottle is perfect for travel. I would definitely recommend to a friend.