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Title : Women’s Multivitamin with Vitamins for Hair, Vitamins for Skin, Vitamins for Nails and a Whole Food Multivitamin Blend. Vitamins for Women By PNK FIT
ASIN : B011A913H8
Description :

Improve your physical and mental health with the PNK FIT Elite Multivitamin.

– Are you uncertain of which multivitamin is the best or right for you?
– Have you had trouble finding a quality multivitamin
– Do the multivitamins you find offer any true value?

There’s so many on the market, it can be difficult to decide which to choose and which is right for you. PNK FIT Elite Multivitamin is a unique blend of vitamins and supplements that offers all of the benefits of a classic multivitamin with added blends designed specifically to improve your Beauty, Strength and Energy.

Look Your Best!

Contains a Proprietary Hair, Skin and Nails blend designed specifically for helping you look your best! Our blend includes Biotin, Collagen and Choline.

Feel Energized and Be Strong!

Contains a Strength and Energy Blend with Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium to fuel you throughout your busy day!

Whole-Foods Blend: Get Your Vitamins Naturally!

Contains Fruit and Vegetable Extracts including CoQ10, Kale and Lutein.

PNK FIT holds our company mission above all else: We’re a Nutritional Supplement Company Devoted to Offering Premium Products Specifically Designed to Help Women Optimize Their Physical and Mental Health.

Women trust that our supplements help improve their health! We trust their feedback and fully believe in our unique formula, so much so that we offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee! We offer the Premium Women’s Multivitamin with a Hair Skin and Nails Formula, Strength/Energy Blend and Whole-Foods Extracts!

Our highly demanded PNK FIT Elite Multivitamin sells fast, so get yours while they’re in stock!

Features :

  • Proprietary Hair, Skin and Nails Blend: Biotin, Collagen and Choline
  • Energy and Strength Blend: Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium
  • Whole-Foods Blend: Fruit and Vegetable Extracts

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Rating : 4.6
Rating : 3
Review : Very impressed

What an amazing product. After just a few days, I feel fabulous. I have an extra pep in my step. I have noticed that I have more energy. Most importantly, I have noticed that I have been sleeping much better. I fall asleep faster, and stayou asleep much longer. As an insomniac, that’s quite important to me. I highly recommend. I received this product as part of a promotion, in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.